As a Short Sale Foreclosure Resource Specialist, I have the education and training to navigate through the difficult process of a Short Sale.


Are You a Homeowner in Distress?



At RE/MAX Classic, we are focused on leading the economic recovery of the housing market in Southeastern Michigan.  Embracing foreclosures and REO properties is not optional; it is a necessity.  We are committed to the hard work, knowledge and skills to successfully assist homeowners in distress.

If You Need Assistance ...

I specialize in working with homeowners who are facing or are in the process of foreclosure.  I am an advocate for families in need of a professional, knowledgeable Realtor to help them through the issues they are facing.

Factors Affecting Your Ability to Pay Your Mortgage ...

If you are one of many families who are in financial distress because of a

  • Declining Economy
  • Unstable Real Estate market
  • Finding it difficult to pay your Mortgage ...

It is imperative that you DO NOT let your home go into foreclosure.  There are options you can take.

Options to Keeping Your Home ...

  • Loan Modification/Loan Restructuring
  • Loan Forbearance/Repayment Plan
  • Reinstatement Plan
  • Loan Refinance

What is a Short Sale?

When a homeowner owes more on a property than it is currently worth and the bank agrees to accept an amount less than owed as payment in full, a Short Sale may be an alternative.  This amount takes into full consideration all accrued interest, taxes, principal, title transfer and marketing costs.

A Short Sale is complicated.  We have been trained to professionally advise and assist families through the process.  Families need a professional who is willing and able to negotiate, properly prepare documentation, provide factual real estate data and marketing materials to portray our Michigan Real Estate market so lenders are able to make timely decisions to resolve the pending foreclosure.  Please give me a call if you are in need of assistance.  We hope to help as many famiilies as possible avoid the devastating consequences of a foreclosure.






Debbie Yatooma